Top 5 Beaches To Party In 2022


Various beaches suit every taste, from family-friendly coves to secluded spots perfect for romance. Nevertheless, partying on the beach is pretty awesome for many. The best party beaches can range from annual festivals to annual beach competitions.

Travelers visit these coastal hot spots every year to enjoy their natural beauty and unique ambiance. Putting your feet in the sand while palm trees sway overhead, having an ice-cold drink in hand, and listening to chilled beats creates an ideal party scenario.

There are obvious choices, such as Ibiza and Gulf Shores, but you can also explore destinations off the beaten path you may not have known. This post will offer you ideas of the top beaches for partying. These party-friendly beaches have something for everyone, from moonlight beach parties to daytime fiestas. So, let’s begin.  

Gulf Shores, USA 


Gulf Shores is a coastal city in Alabama. The beaches in this coastal city can offer you a chance to attend beach parties through events like the Hangout Festival and the Interstate Mullet Toast and Beach Party. 

The Hangout Festival combines all the elements of a grand music festival on the sandy beaches of Alabama. It is the only music festival on a beach in the United States. It enables you to catch live performances by prominent artists while strolling out of your beachfront condo.

The annual Interstate Mullet Toss at Flora-Bama’s state-line in Alabama and Florida attracts hundreds of thousands each year. The three-day beach party and fish-throwing competition have been an ongoing tradition for over 30 years. 

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Cascais Beaches, Portugal

You can party with Portugal’s elite, just a short distance from Lisbon. Many beautiful young people go out to revel in Cascais. There is a lot of action here on the beautiful stretch of sand known as Praia da Rainha, a short distance from Lisbon. Beach bars play popular house music in the summer and serve tasty cocktails to sunbaked revelers from Portugal and Europe.

Various clubs like the Taj, Heat, Jazz Club, and other beach clubs in Miami throw enormous parties that last until the early morning hours. You’ll find locals and tourists jamming on sprawling dance floors to the music of distinctly Latin styles, such as Reggaeton and Brazilian Funk.

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel


In Tel Aviv, people love to party, and it’s considered one of the hippest cities in the Middle East. It’s not surprising Tel Aviv is known as the party capital of the Middle East because of its sultry Mediterranean climate, coastal setting, party atmosphere, and young, international population. A great evening here usually begins around sunset at a beach bar with a cold beer on your lips, toes buried in the still-warm sand.

After a few drinks, you might cram onto the last stool in a packed pub before stepping outside to get some fresh air. After that, you can visit an isolated wine bar in a backstreet to sample wines from local vineyards, check out a gallery bar, and maybe catch a live performance. Once the night stretches into the early morning, there’s only one choice left: hit the city’s clubs and dance until dawn to the sounds of lasers, beats, and music. Are you up for a night out in Tel Aviv?

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Ha Long Bay deserves its status as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In all of Southeast Asia, this is probably the most beautiful place. You will want a pleasant experience if you’re a backpacker or a solo traveler. And this destination won’t disappoint you. 

While Ha Long Bay might not be your idea of a party destination, why not make it a drinking cruise if you are on a boat all day? Getting in the water, admiring the limestone karsts, and then capping off the day with a sunset beer on your island is the best way to experience Halong Bay.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is renowned for its wild clubbing scene, which draws club rats worldwide to hear the latest, loudest house music and beach dance until the wee hours. This Balearic island boasts some of the world’s best dance concerts each summer, including Amnesia and DC10. There is no doubt that house and techno represent the groundbreaking dance music in Europe. 7

Visit Sant Antoni on the island’s north coast for boozy fun in the sun. The trendy bars on the marina in Ibiza Town will provide a more sophisticated experience for a beach party. Several nightclubs host wild parties that draw beautiful people worldwide during the daytime, including El Chiringuito and Blue Marlin. Make sure your designer beachwear and oversized sunglasses are on point if you want to meet Ibiza’s jet-set crowd at Salinas Beach.


There are various beach destinations for revelry, but this post provides you with the best ideas of the top beaches to party in 2022. A new year’s getaway to one of such beautiful and clean beaches would be perfect for you and your friends.

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