The Reasons Why 4 Wheels Are Better Than 2.


It is very true that people look kind of cool when they ride a motorcycle and the outfits that you get to wear and the helmet to match makes it a lot more fun than driving a standard car. The downside however is that you are more prone to having accidents when riding a motorcycle and it’s nothing to do with your driving abilities, but it has everything to do with the fact that other vehicles find it difficult to see you because you are so small. Many accidents happen at the crossroads and other junctions because when cars look left and right and if there is even a tree or a signpost blocking the way, then they may not see you and so pull out into traffic.

Motorcycles come with their own problems much like cars do and it is entirely possible to lock yourself out of either and then to have to look for a professional automotive locksmith near me to get you out of this difficult situation. For the purposes of this article, it will be explained just exactly why four wheels are better than two and why it makes a lot more financial sense to invest in a motor car rather than a motorcycle.

  • Safety is a concern – It is probably true to say that motorcycles are a great deal of fun but when it comes to safety, there are many concerns about riding a motorcycle rather than driving a car. When driving around the corner and experiencing some loose gravel on the road, you really have nothing to worry about in your car because you have four tires gripping the road. Motorbikes on the other hand can lose traction very quickly and you could find yourself sliding down the road and hopefully your motorcycle gear will protect you.
  • Car doors – People who drive cars frequently open their doors into traffic and this is where many motorcycles can experience accidents as shown by many home security cameras. Statistics tell us that you are significantly more reliable to be involved in a road traffic collision on a motorcycle then you are in a car.
  • Less safety features – Cars are equipped with side impact bars, bumpers on front and back to absorb a collision, airbags all around and many other safety features. Motorcycles unfortunately don’t have any of these things and so purchasing a car is going to provide you with a lot more safety every day when you are making your way to work and back.
  • Not suitable for families – A motorcycle is only equipped to carry two passengers and it comes with many road rules to follow and so it is totally unsuitable for the family who enjoy going away for the weekends to the beach or maybe even to visit family. You are restricted as to the amount of luggage that you can carry on a motorcycle and even though you might have side bags, you will not get the same space that is offered in a car boot.

These are four excellent reasons why it makes a lot more sense to invest your hard earned cash into purchasing a car rather than buying a motorcycle.

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