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Some Important Insights into SEO for Home Services

If you own a home service company, you must have an online presence and also rank high on the Google search engine results page to generate traffic to your website and convert the leads. A high rank is vital since, according to Search Engine Journal the first search result on Google has a CTR of over 28% that drops to 2.5% for the tenth result, and the rest don’t matter. You can improve your ranks by optimizing SEO for local searches. Some tips to keep in mind:

Include Location-Based Keywords in Website Content

Getting good ranks for broad keywords like HVAC repair or plumbing can be next to impossible unless you include location-based keywords that are much less competitive. A combination keyword that includes the specific home service and the location in terms of a neighborhood or city will have far fewer results, with many down the list irrelevant to the query. How high you rank will depend on how well you have defined your location, the nature of your home services, and how close are the terms used in a search to your keywords.

How Does Google Know Your Location?

To know the location of the business, Google uses several inputs like citations, a Google My Business Listing, and your website. Creating citations is simple. You need to identify all the business and search directories, include your NAP, and ensure the information is accurate and consistent. Include the NAP too in your website, preferably in the header or footer of the webpage and also on the “Contact Us” page. For superior home services SEO, you should preferably have dedicated location pages with unique location content if you operate across many locations. Unique content for every location page of at least 500 words, referencing the location, including a map, and listing the services available at the specific location, help in obtaining higher ranks.

Using Google My Business

It is important to claim your business on Google My Business (GMB) at the soonest because it represents a popular way of finding local businesses using the ‘near me” Google search. Google lists the top three businesses nearby even ahead of the other search results and displays your business location on Google Maps. You must ensure that the GMB listing has accurate and updated information and photos since Google uses it to rank local businesses. A crisp and comprehensive description of your business, including target keywords, a FAQ section, NAP and business hours, latest photos, etc., all help get better ranks.


As important as it is for your home service business website to rank high on Google searches, it is also critical for the visitor to have a great experience. Factors playing critical roles include fast loading speed, attractive presentation of the contents, intuitive navigation, and high-quality original, relevant, updated, and detailed content. The content should be informative, compelling, and engaging. Using a mix of text, images, charts and diagrams, videos, infographics, etc., can help make the contents more presentable so that the user stays on the website longer and you have a better chance of converting him. 

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