How to Wear Men’s Bracelets?


Bracelets have become a major trend in the past few years. People love wearing bracelets as a symbol of being well represented. People have been wearing bracelets since the 90s. In the ’90s, the trend of wearing a bracelet in men started. It was not a simple act, but occasionally, men were seen wearing the shell bracelets after the beach day. 

Later the trends changed, and men started wearing bracelets in the form of bracelets. It is when bracelets become more popular among teens. Moreover, if you are 2000 born, you might remember the popularity of neon plastic bands in men. 

Why have Bracelets Become a Men’s Trend?

Bracelets have become a trend, as they are the easiest accessory a man can wear. The little thin or thick bracelet can give an oomph to the overall look. The type of bracelet men wear tells about the personality and likeliness of that person. Men even get heavy metal bracelets like gold, silver, and platinum to portray their wealth.

Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Bracelet

Bracelets have evolved. To ace the bracelet games, one must have a complete guide for the bracelets. This ensures the perfect bracelet purchase that will stay with you in the end. Just a few basic styling tips will help you guide through the perfect trendy style. You can play and experiment to get your perfect style.

1. Decide On The Size You Want To Go With. 

The tightness of your bracelet will rely essentially upon its kind and the material. You might lose it, assuming that it is excessively free and slips from your wrist. This does not imply that one bracelet can fit individuals of every kind. Additionally, it should not turn all over arm-only a bit underneath your wrist bone.

 The bigger band makes your waist look smaller. Moreover, the size of your bracelet must be a little loose on your wrist. It must be loose enough to place a finger in between. This ensures the easy wear of the bracelet. 

2. It Is Important To Know Your Style. 

 Know what fits your style and preference. You have all the styles available to choose from. Choose the metals whether you want pure gold, 24K gold, silver, or any other metal. Moreover, know your style as well. 

You can go for thick ones or thin bracelets. You can even choose the ones mixed with different stones and even diamonds. Choosing the bracelet style that goes with your dress-up style is significant. Wearing a bold bracelet to your casual look will divert the attention from your personality to your wrist. 

Bracelet is a nonverbal way of portraying your personality. Hence, it is important to remember this theory while choosing the bracelets. Moreover, cuff bracelets are the perfect way to look perfect in all dress styles. It goes with the business suits, formal, and even the sneaker look.

Styling Tips to Get the Best Out Of Bracelets 

Here are a few styling tips to help to get the best out of bracelets.

  • Which Accessory On Which Wrist 

As a matter of fact, men must wear the bracelets on their right hand’s wrist. The other accessory, like a watch or ring, should go on the left hand. Moreover, for a cleaner look, you must mix and match the color tones between the bracelets and other accessories.

 The bracelet must be worn on the right hand, as it is the dominating hand allowing users to show off their bracelet perfectly. However, you still have the chance to wear the bracelet on the same hand as the watch. In addition, you can choose it according to your style choices.

  • Know Your Occasion In Which You Are Wearing The Bracelet

 For everyday use, a leather or weave bracelet may look perfect. However, individuals can add the metals in case they can pull them off. Men can wear their gold and diamond bracelets for more important occasions to showcase their personality, status, and wealth. Mens gold bracelets have the ability to conquer attention. The simple elastic bands or thin metal bracelets will be perfect for everyday wear. 

  • Embrace The Art Of Layering Your Bracelets

You might have seen a few people layering the bracelets. A few of them look heavenly, and others might look a little extra. Knowing the art of layering is important to achieving your desired look.

 Layering is one of the manners that assist you in looking easily snazzy. Layer various styles together and perceive how you make a dazzling look. Styling tip: To make an easy, relaxed look, mess with groups of various widths.

  • Wear Bracelets With Watches

 One more method for styling your bracelets, on the one hand, is to join them with a watch. If you need to match your bracelet and watch on a similar hand without going over the top, pick a smooth bracelet if you decide on a more slender bracelet and believe. 

It should get its portion of consideration; wear it beneath your watch. You can depend on this look when you are not planning to make a sharp difference in shading. You can get a real gold bracelet for men that fits perfectly according to your style preferences.

  • Wear Bracelet According To Your Wrist Size

The size of the wrist has a significant impact on the impression of the bracelet. The thin layers of bracelets look good on small wrists. On the other hand, the thick bands look impressive on big wrists. Moreover, the thick bands give a thinning illusion to the wrists. 


While styling, pick bracelets that are delightful to wear over the day. By wearing an excess of adornments, you can draw attention to yourself, making your outfit look jumbled. That is why it is best not to wear additional gems when you can, although, if you are wearing a pile of bracelets, you need to wear any other accessory or jewelry. It is ideal for keeping the jewelry game simple. You will lose the credibility of yourself and the significant bracelet as well.

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