Everything You Need to Know About Thc Stayton

What is thc stayton?

Thc stayton is a location in the U.S. state of Oregon, where the Stayton family was murdered by members of a religious cult on November 18, 1990. Thc stayton is located at the southernmost point in Linn County, Oregon.

Why are members of a religious cult so interested in the Stayton family?

In the 1980s and 1990s, several members of a religious cult called The House of God’s Children (an offshoot of The Twelve Tribes) ran away from their homes to be with other members. One faction wanted to go back home, and another faction did not. It is believed that thc stayton murders were committed by those who did not want to return home. 

What happened during the stayton murders?

Thirteen people were murdered by two brothers over the course of several hours on November 18th, 1990 at thc stayton. The victims were members of a religious cult. One of the brothers had been kicked out of the group, and he returned with six other friends to exact revenge.

What happened after the stayton murders?

After the murders, several people tried to take credit for the killings, but it wasn’t until 2001 that police arrested three of the five original suspects in their homes in Boston, Massachusetts. A fourth suspect was found dead by suicide shortly after one of his alleged partners was arrested. In 2003, three brothers were convicted and sentenced to life in prison for murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. The Stayton killings are considered one of Oregon’s most infamous mass murders.

What happened to thc stayton?

In 1990, Shannon and Darrin Stayton were killed on their farm along with their infant daughter Aleah and her teenage sister Shaylene. The bodies were found two weeks later by a man walking his dog near an abandoned truck containing the four bodies which had been left to decompose in 100+ degree weather while they attempted to extort $500,000 ransom from the father’s wealthy parents who lived nearby and owned an organic farm business in California.

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