3 Best Places on Your Body to Get a Tattoo


Tattoo design and placement are the two sides of the same coin. These two things complement each other and lead to a visually appealing tattoo. Once you decide on the tattoo design, the next big challenge is choosing the correct tattoo placement. Therefore you should take your time to decide on the proper tattoo placement. During your research phase, you should take references from a tattoo website to find the best designs and best placements for your tattoo. Multiple options make it easier to find the right design and placement for your body art.

Different parts of your body have distinct features and appeal. They also have a significant impact on the appearance and aesthetics of your tattoo. Therefore you must check that your design goes well with the placement and vice versa. A good tattoo design deserves a correct placement. Different parts of your body also hurt differently while getting a tat. Many people often get overwhelmed while choosing the correct placement. It would be frustrating to waste a good design by selecting the wrong placement. But don’t worry; here are the three best places on your body for your tat. 

1. Forearms

Forearms are the most preferred body placements for many, mainly because they are more visible. If you visit any tattoo website, you will find numerous forearm tattoo designs in various sizes, designs, and details. Forearms also offer great liberty for the ink artists to use their creativity as they have more space.

Forearms are also suitable for long tattoo designs with medium details. A full sleeve inking would be a great option to accommodate elaborate designs like animals, portraits, and geographical elements. The best part is you can also hide the tattoos with a full sleeve shirt if you are going somewhere where inked arts are frowned upon. You can also get lines or tattoos with phrases or sentences. They look elaborate, clear, and easily visible.

2. Inner Arms

Direct exposure to the sun has adverse effects on your tattoo and the skin surrounding it. The constant exposure to the sun can fade the ink of your tattoo and affect the healing process. If you work an outdoor job or spend most of your time in the sun, you should choose a body placement that isn’t directly exposed to the sun. Inner arms are an excellent choice for this purpose. They offer the right placement for your tattoo so that it won’t fade faster. 

As inner arms have more muscle and fat concentrations, they hurt less than other body parts. Inner arms are a good spot for getting a tattoo as they are hidden away from direct sunlight. 

3. Back

Many people who want to get larger and more detailed tattoos often choose back for placement. The back offers more space and freedom to choose bigger, complex designs. The clothes also cover it, so you don’t have to worry about your ink getting faded. There’s one more good thing about getting a design on your back. 

The skin on your back doesn’t change due to weight fluctuations or aging as abdominal skin does. Therefore there are significantly fewer chances of warping, which means your inked design will stay intact and won’t warp with time.

The correct placement will add up to the beauty of your body art. It’s always good to take your time while deciding the placement. If you are still confused about it, you can seek the guidance of professional tattoo artists. They will guide you through the whole inking process and help you find the best placement for your tattoo.

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